Dermacol Make-up Cover has a rich consistency and provides extreme coverage! A product that, according to YouTube bloggers, is experiencing its “second youth”. It is hard to believe that our mothers used it. And nowadays? This is a product that again conquers women's hearts and ... makeup bags. Obviously, the design and the packaging may not be particularly stimulating for the purchase - but their contents, and the amount of pigment (50%) - already Yes! This is a product which can completely cover even a tattoo with confidence! The manufacturer claims that extremely dense coating will help us get rid of imperfections, scars and pigmentation. In addition to this, the foundation contains a high SPF 30 filter, do not contains preservatives and is clinically tested. According to the manufacturer - suitable for all skin types. Dermacol Make-up Cover foundation has a glowing velvetty-matte finish on the skin, and unfortunately can "melt off” during the day. So requires a good fixation, especislly if your skin typу is Oily or Combination. Product can be mixed with other foundations - added in a small amount to any other foundation will increase its level of coverage. Thus, the tool can be used in daily makeup. A wide palette of shades will allow you to choose the right one.

Cult beauty product? Revlon ColorStay. Colorstay is a product frequently praised by customers. This is one of those products that each of us should try at least once in our life. It rarely happens that this product does not fit to any kind of skin. Moreover, we have two versions for either dry/normal skin or oily/combination skin. The new version of the product has a convenient pump, with a mess-free application. With no doubt the most popular shade is 150 Buff - with a yellow pigment – perfectly matches for most women that is why customers choose it more often. The manufacturer claims full coverage, still comfortable to wear.  And it`s true! This is one of those products, which, provides good coverage without feeling too heavy on the skin. Although the foundation's finish is matte, so if you have dry skin - there is no need to use powder. Summing up, Revlon ColorStay is a cult foundation, for a reason.

 The foundation from Catrice - HD Liquid Coverage is called “the second skin in the bottle”. In comparison with the previously presented foundations - this has very natural finish on the skin, while still provide the appropriate level of coverage. This is an excellent choice when you need a foundation for daily use. Formula is light, liquid, blends perfectly with the skin. In addition, the “High Definition” effect has been improved, HD foundation mimic the look of skin and are less detectable on camera. Foundation helps to even skin tone and texture, do not look mask-like or heavy. It’s packaged in a beautiful glass bottle that gives it a luxurious appearance. It makes it feel a lot more expensive than it actually is. The foundation is dispensed through a pipette style dropper, which in the case of such a liquid formula is not very convenient. One downfall to this foundation is the shade range. Catrice only makes four shades, none of which are very light or very dark, and also ... its availability! Since the foundation is very popular among women and the price is low – often it is sold out.


Golden Rose Total Cover 2 in1 is the newest items from all presented before, and still is characterised by buildable full coverage. If I had to distinguish the difference between the Golden Rose foundation and the previously presented - that would definitely be its Total Cover durability. However, the product does not look invisible on the skin, with this amount of pigment it is hard to achieve "second skin" effect. The manufacturer claims that foundation also works as a full coverage concealer, moreover the product works well in this role. There is the great selection of shades. Golden Rose - is always satisfies us with a great selection of shades.

A real winner of all high-coverage foundations with a no doubt is Estee Lauder. Once you apply foundation -  it hardens and stays in place. Mercedes among foundations. If anyone want to find disadvantages of this product - the only disadvantage is its price. But do not forget that in the case of such a quality product, the price no longer seems to be so high. The product is packaged in a very elegant glass bottle (without a pump). Now other versions of products are also in stock - for example, the newest version of Double Wear Nude (with a lighter consistency and coverage) and Double Wear Light (which is ideal for everyday usage). The foundation comes in 14 shades to match Asian and Western skin, so you'll match it perfectly, whether your complexion is warm, cold, or somewhere in the middle.

This rating contains the most covering foundations that are available in drugstores. Each of us (even if in the daily make-up prefers subtle and natural coverage) should have at least one product in makeup bag for special tasks. Presented foundations we can truly recommend, and the choice of the best depends on individual preferences, skin type&condition.